The Last One For 2011—Peter Campbell Clinic

Peter Campbell Horsemanship & Colt Starting Clinic

November 11-14 McLean, SK
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About Peter

Peter Campbell is an artist, a student of the horse, one of the very few horse trainers today who actually has made his living on horseback. Some call it ‘Natural Horsemanship’; Peter calls it simply understanding why and how the horse operates. Incorporating his life experiences along with the heritage of the vaquero, Campbell is able to bring his students over 25 years of practical learning and horse wisdom.
Raised on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada, Peter has had experiences that for most of us exist only in dreams and stories. From the age of 12, Peter had the opportunity to work at one of North America’s leading pack outfits, learning the technique of packing horses, driving a team and starting young horses. In his late teen years, Peter moved to the Government Ranch where he and two other cowboys cared for over 200 Horses. These cowboys had one year to start the young stock and ready them for service in the back country. It was a lot of responsibility for a young man, but he was already becoming a respected horseman.
After gaining experience in the cattle industry, Peter moved on to well known Wine Glass Ranch in Cochrane, Alberta, one of the most beautiful cattle ranches in Western Canada. There his romance with being a cowboy and working with horses really matured. With a large herd of cattle, countless horses to ride and train, and thousands of wide open acres to do it on,
Peter was well on his way to becoming a true, old fashioned cowboy. Waking up in the early morning facing the majestic Rockies, watching over the cattle in open meadows, with mountain creeks running beside them was the life he loved. Gathering the cavy of young well-bred colts, seeing the steam rise from the herd as they entered the corrals and waiting to see which ones would be houlihaned out for the days work. Checking the water supplies, and drifting the cattle through the lush green mountain meadows is truly a cowboy’s dream. For Peter it was everyday life.
In the early 80’s he found himself at a clinic with renowned horseman Ray Hunt. Peter finally found someone who could help him understand the horse from the inside out. With a deep drive to truly understand the horse from the first nose hair to the last tail hair, Peter met Ray’s mentor Tom Dorrance. Over the years Tom not only was a mentor to Peter but became a good friend. He is now one of the foremost trainers of the art of working with the horse’s mind.
Peter Campbell is able to teach people the most effective ways to help your horse become a “Willing Partner” through simple, practical, and essential values that create respect and a strong bond between horse and rider. Whether they ride Western style, English, or any style in between, everyone has found that Peter’s philosophy is a great enhancement to their riding experience and their relationship with their horses Based in Wheatland, Wyoming, Campbell has conducted clinics throughout the United States and Canada since 1988 and has authored the “Willing Partners” video series that has been sold and seen worldwide. He has also appeared at international events like the Canadian Finals Rodeo and the Spruce Meadows Masters. He is frequently on “Horse TV” and the “Horseman’s Radio Weekly”, and Peter has been written about in many publications including Western Horseman, Northern Horse Review, and Trails Less Traveled. A book about Peter, his life, his training philosophy, and his methods is in the works and should be published soon.

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