June 5, 2022 Sorrel Rabicano Mare

This sharp looking filly is a spitting image of her sire Playboys Luv Chics and she should dang sure have his talent as well…..check out the earners and producers in her pedigree! She’s a bright red sorrel with some frosting in her flanks, and in between her front and back legs. We are waiting to see how she recovers from an injury before we offer her to a performance home.

Elans Playboy (x Freckles Playboy)
Playboys Luv Chics
Cowgirls Are Smart (x Smart Chic Olena)
Wright On And Muddy (x Lenas Wright On)
CS Wright On Roxy
Discos Foxy Roxy (x Hotrodder Disco)

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