FANCY MISS LEO BAR : : Experienced feedlot horse…ready for ranch work!****SOLD****

2003 Red Roan Quarter Horse/Paint Mare

This flashy red roan mare is currently being used at a 25,000 head feedlot in central Saskatchewan. She has a good ground covering gait, yet remains calm and mellow among the cattle….run by a steer, then calmly go about your business. Ride her in a snaffle, hackamore/bosal or halter, bareback or saddled.

She loads, trims, shoes, baths, works gates and is doing very well with cattle. She’s used for ponying horses and she’s started gaining experience roping. As we live on the Canadian prairies, sometimes we have to be inventive when getting on a horse wearing layers upon layers of clothing…..fences, tires, etc to have been used to get on her in the winter.

Aside from her job as a feedlot horse, she is also working on refining some skills being ridden with Peter Campbell at his horsemanship clinics.

“Vegas” is eligible for registry. Her extended pedigree includes AQHA lines such as Impressive and Skipper’s Lad, and the APHA line of Mardelle Dixon.

Photos shown below. Please click here to link to her YouTube video.

For sale $4000. Located in Jansen, SK. Please email Anne Orchard at or call 306.364.4735 for more information.

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