Halter Breaking Demo at Brandon Manitoba’s Horse3 Event


Clayton and I have attended Horse3-Head, Heart, Hooves as spectators many times in previous years. For 2014, we were asked by our friends, Jamie and John Tilley of Tilley’s Custom Colts and Horsemanship if we would supply colts for a halter breaking demo that they would be doing at Horse3 (in addition to John being one of the three judges for the Trainer’s Challenge). Needless to say we were just a little excited to have our colts showcased at Horse3. So, we left three colts untouched after our March Halter Breaking & Young Horse Handling clinic (also done by Jamie and John), loaded them up and brought them to the bright lights and concrete of the Keystone Center.

Along for the ride were CRR Playboys N Jack (Playboys Luv Chics X Miss Twisted Jack), CRR Ima Foxy Chic (Playboys Luv Chics X Discos Foxy Roxy), CRR Chic A Rumba (Playboys Luv Chics X Sea Breeze Please) and CRR Little Luvr Boy came along for moral support as he was already halter broke and a nice calming influence for these yearlings that have never ‘been to town’. We are all about making things as good as they can be for the horse, and if that means having a buddy to hang out with in a ‘big scary round pen’, then that’s what we’ll do. John had two hours each day to work our yearlings and answer some excellent questions from the audience.

Things changed up a little bit on Sunday and for one session, Bob Kaufman joined John in the round pen and together, they worked two fillies from Bridgeman Land and Livestock.

Check out the photos that I had the opportunity to take over the weekend. Keep in mind, the three colts we brought in were unhalter broke and quite unhandled before they got there. John was able to show us a bit of progression with both the CRR Playboys N Jacks and CRR Ima Foxy Chic in being able to work with them multiple times, while CRR Chic A Rumba was only worked on Sunday. By Sunday, CRR Playboys N Jacks was leading well; over the ground poles, over the bridge, between the barrels and trailer loading. John had also touched him all over with the horsemanship flag and his hands. We are confidenct that these yearlings have a great foundation that will serve them well throughout the rest of their lives.

If you are interested in learning more about John and Jamie, their methods, or would like to join us in 2015 in a Halter Breaking & Young Horse Handling clinic, check out the Halter Breaking & Young Horse Handling clinic post.


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