Halter Breaking & Young Horse Handling Clinic


Halter Breaking & Young Horse Handling Clinic
with Tilley’s Custom Colts & Horsemanship

March 14, 15, 16 ~ 2014
Second Wind Stables ~ Moosomin SK

“We believe that the halter breaking may be the most important piece of a horse’s development which is all too often overlooked. We take the time to do it right, preparing the horse for how it will lead,
tie and ride in the future.”
~ John and Jamie Tilley

This is a truly unique clinic and we are proud to be part of this Young Horse Handling clinic with John and Jamie Tilley of Tilley’s Custom Colts & Horsemanship for the third year in a row! Anyone who knows us, knows our dedication to horsemanship and to bettering ourselves for the sake of the horses. In our opinion, it all starts with the halter breaking!

Join Clayton, and I as we continue to learn and refine our skills on safely taking a young unhandled colt from first touch to halter broke. In the young horse handling clinics, John and Jamie will guide us as we work on halter breaking these youngsters while maintaining the natural lightness and softness that the horse has to offer. We believe that maintaining this lightness in the horse throughout their life very important to strive for. During this clinic, the group of colts that are unhandled in a short time get confident with the human. We will work on correct halter breaking, catching, going through obstacles, picking up feet, and trailer loading. No matter your chosen discipline; if you and your horses are working on a ranch or in a feed yard, if you are competing in dressage, hunter/jumper, western performance events…..if you are working with horses, this clinic is for you!

There are only limited spots available, so sign up quick to avoid disappointment! $375.00 per participant.

Contact Jamie Tilley at tilleyscustomcolts@sasktel.com. Check out pictures from the 2013 Young Horse Handling clinic at Tilley’s Custom Colts & Horsemanship.

Spectators welcome!

Check out the photos below from the 2013 Young Horse Handling clinic and some images of the same colts from August 2013 at the Tilley Horsemanship clinic at Coyote Ridge Ranch!


  1. Linda Bennett says

    I did this clinic is 2013, and it is more than worth the money! Tons of information, lots of hands on work and it was a definite experience that allowed me to put what i’d been taught into practice!

    I will be going again this year and look forward to learning even more. John and Jamie always put on a great Clinic, and Sabrina and Clayton provided great quality horses to work with.

    Looking forward to it again.

  2. Jen Martens says

    I had the privilege last year of being able to halter break my yearling in this clinic. What we accomplished in 3 days with pretty much untouched yearlings was an enlightening learning experience. In the end, it was stress free for the young horses and humans as well. I love that my filly has the proper foundation as a base for all her future training. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking to give their young horse a solid start.

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