The Joys Of Christmas

Like it or not….it’s here!

Whether your a Christmas fanatic who delights in rushing around shopping/baking/cooking/cleaning/wrapping etc. OR if you’re a little more like we are in that you prefer to just take it easy (and do EVERYTHING at the last minute!), tomorrow, for the most part, is the big day.

Our Christmas plans include staying at home and visiting with family and friends, and I’m sure there will be a whole lotta eatin’ going on. My menu plans are coming together nicely, and they should be considering it’s Christmas Eve. Saying that, tonight (December 24th) we’ll pay homage to our Ukrainian heritage and celebrate with a “meatless” meal. Conveniently, it’s the perfect excuse to cook a pile of seafood! We’ll do the traditional turkey supper for Christmas day, complete with stuffing, gravy, baked broccoli with browned butter and garlic, perogies in creme dill sauce, all topped off with a warm chocolate chunk brownie covered and smothered in vanilla ice creme, whipped creme and caramel drizzle. The feast continues on Boxing day ~ German style ~ with standing prime rib roast (it’s a close second to sauerbrauten, but I think we’ll survive), spetzle, gravy and braised red cabbage. Mom tells me she’s whipped up a spicy pumpkin cheesecake for the weekend too! After all these good eats I’ll be happy to see January 1st, 2012 and the resolution of a healthy diet and a new exercise regime.

We are most excited for this Christmas as we’ve bought our son his first horse!!! A most wonderful little registered Appaloosa gelding from the great breeding program of Kevin and Julie Bridgeman’s. I hope Chay will be as excited to learn that Buster horse is now HIS, as we are! Stay tuned for the photos of the big reveal! Let’s hope the weather stays mild and he gets to enjoy his new steed, and much-loved time with Dad over the Christmas holiday break from school. I will make the most of my few days at home over Christmas, then back to the whirlwind at the office job in town between Christmas and New Years.

We are blessed to have such wonderful friends and family, to live in a great country where we’re allowed to pursue our dreams and that we’re doing what we love. We wish the same blessing on our friends and family, near and far ~ may you all have a wonderful Christmas season!

From our ranch to yours, all the best this Christmas season….

Sabrina, Clayton and Chay~

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