2017 AQHA Foals

Check out the 2017 AQHA foals we are looking forward to this spring! We decided to keep a few mares open for 2017 and will rebreed for 2018, hence the smaller listing of expected 2017 AQHA foals. Please contact us to put a deposit on any foals in utero. Check out all of the Coyote Ridge mares for detailed pedigree info.

Elans Playboy x Cowgirls Are Smart

Check out the two upcoming 2017 AQHA foals for your next arena prospect for the reining, cow horse or AQHA arenas. These babies are also out working on the ranch! Linwood Equine Ranch at Carberry MB will also have a selection of Playboys Luv Chics foals that will be NAERIC enroled.

Playboys Luv Chics, Smart Chic Olena, Smart Little Lena, Elans Playboy, Freckles Playboy

Jacs Golden Lady 86
We truly believe this cross foal will make for an NRHA or NRCHA prospect. The Playboys Luv Chics babies have all loved to lope and really hunt the stop. Take that and combine it with the talent from the Jac Pic A Nic, Docs Birthday and Hotrodder Disco blood from Jacs Golden Lady 86, and you have yourself a dang nice prospect that should rein, and watch a cow. This foal will be N/N for HERDA, GBED, PSSM1, MH and HYPP through sire and dam.

CRR Sonita Reyolena
This is a really nice mare that we are proud to say we bred and raised and was started under saddle. So nice, that we decided she should keep the legacy of her sire, Sonitas Reyson, alive. Sonitas Reyson (unshown due to injury) was a son of NCHA million dollar sire Sonitas Last. Sonitas Reyson has sired working ranch horses, AQHA Versatility Ranch Horses and Barrel Futurity money earners. CRR Sonita Reyolena’s dam is our Nic O Lena Bar, a fabulous daughter of NCHA Futurity Finalist Dox Warbler (X Doc O’lena). No holes in this gal’s pedigree: She is bred to watch a cow and she is a born producer. Her first two babies sired by Playboys Luv Chic have been amazing, oldest will be two in 2017.

Foals sired by SNACKBOX DUALLY
Snackbox x Showtime Dually

Our first Snackbox Dually babies have been nothing short of fantastic with the first to be started under saddle shortly! Needless to say, we can’t wait! Check out your selection of 2017 AQHA foals sired by “Snack” for your consideration. “Snack” was just coming into his own as a cutter before turned stellar mounted shooting horse and we think his babies could go in a variety of directions.

CRR Chics Luv Sweets
Another one of our home raised gals, an own daughter of Playboys Luv Chics! “Bella” was purchased by a good friend of ours and started under saddle, introduced to cattle and to roping. Sadly, she sustained a stifle injury that ended her career as a saddle horse. We had the opportunity to welcome her back to the Coyote Ridge herd as a great broodmare to cross on our Snackbox Dually! This should make for a super good minded, versatile cross for the ranch and arena….and maybe just maybe some color to boot! This 2017 AQHA foal will be N/N for HERDA, PSSM1, GBED, MH and HYPP through sire and dam.

“Bella” summer 2016

Nic O Lena Bar
This gal is one of our original broodmares. We purchased her as she is a granddaughter of the immortal Doc O’lena (through her sire NCHA Futurity Finalist Dox Warbler) and her babies never fail to impress. They have all been very people-oriented just like her, super correct and super athletic and will watch a cow. And did I mention, she’s a granddaugher of Doc O’lena?! Her oldest Coyote Ridge gelding spent time in the feedlot and got pretty handy at his job, one filly made a big trip to Texas, one gelding is over in Saskatchewan with his youth owner/trainer working on the ranch. If you are interested in a something a little older out of this mare, we have that too!

Sweet Snow Creek
What can we say about this mare other than her babies are simply amazing! What she perhaps lacks in up close pedigree she more than makes up for in the look, substance and good mindedness that she passes on to her foals. AND–guaranteed color which truly is the icing on the cake. This mare has one of her sons standing at stud, one gelding is a successful rope horse in Manitoba High School Rodeo, two geldings with ranching, rodeo and cow horse families in Sasktachewan and we were able to welcome CRR Chics Luv Sweets back to the herd! We 100% believe in this mare’s babies!

HC Bostons Rose
Sweet “Frankie”….a handy ranch horse turned broodmare raised her first “Snackling” for us last year and the handsome dun colt was purchased before weaning. This is an appendix mare who’s bloodlines include Boston Mac, Two Eyed Jack, Go Dick GO and Barrymore. A fabulous mix of working and racing lines. Check out her baby if you are looking to head to the barrel and rodeo pen.

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