CRR Snack That * SOLD*

CRR Snack That

May 04, 2019 Palomino AQHA Stallion

Another stellar palomino colt from the Snackbox Dually/Sweet Snow Creek cross. This guy should have the size, substance, athletic ability and mind to him for just about anything you want….ranch, rope, barrel race, or take one down the fence!

$3500 plus GST

*SOLD* Sarah and Ryan of Surge Performance Horses know the good ones when they see them! “Luke” joins his brothers “Trigger”, “Earl”, “Carl” and “Gary” in their caavy of ranch and performance horses and prospects.


Snackbox (x Haidas Little Pep)
Snackbox Dually
Showtime Dually (x Dual Pep)
Blue Creek Boy (x Dickie Blue Creek)
Sweet Snow Creek
Athena Sweet Louise (x Athena Flits Bee)


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