CRR Bostons Snacks**SOLD**

CRR Boston Snacks
May 19, 2016 Bay Dun Gelding

HC Bostons Rose “Frankie” was a ranch horse in Wyoming prior to coming to Coyote Ridge Ranch and this is her very first baby, sired by our Snackbox Dually.  CRR Boston Snacks “Fancy” comes from a long line of performance and ranch horses and has that speed breeding in there to round off the mix.  Check him out for your next performance and ranch prospect.

FOR SALE $2500 plus GST

SOLD!!  Thank you once again to Sarah and Ryan Gerard of Surge Performance Horses in SK.  Thank you for believing in our program and we can’t wait to see CRR Bostons Snacks out working on the ranch and in the show pen!

Snackbox x Haidas Little Pep
Snackbox Dually
Showtime Dually x Dual Pep
 MJ Boston Mac x Watch Moore Jack
HC Bostons Rose
 Easy Red Dash x Go Red Priest

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