CRR Heza Sweet Snack **SOLD**

CRR Heza Sweet Snack
May 11, 2016 Palomino Gelding

CRR Sweet Snacker is one sharp looking gelding that will get it done for you on the ranch and in the arena.  He comes from a long line performers and using horses produced by Sweet Snow Creek.

For sale. $4500 plus GST. Price to increase with training.  Special considerations to show or ranch homes.

SOLD!  Thanks again, Sarah & Ryan Gerard, Surge Performance Horses of Moosomin SK.  We can’t wait for updates on this first of the Snackbox Dually/Sweet Snow Creek crosses!

  Snackbox x Haidas Little Pep
Snackbox Dually  
  Showtime Dually x Dual Pep
  Blue Creek Boy x  Dickie Blue Creek
Sweet Snow Creek  
  Athena Sweet Louise x Athene Flits Bee

Updated images coming soon!

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